Work with me

I offer copywriting services to help community-led businesses attract new members, increase their engagement and overall get closer to achieving their vision.

While I have a background as a marketing strategist, I decided to specialize in copywriting as I find it appealing and it’s one of my strongest skills. Regarding communities, my main experience comes from building 40+ League: an international, paid community for ex-corporates, executives, and businesspeople over 40. It’s in the overlap of both copywriting and communities that I’ve found I can provide the most value to companies.

Here are a few examples of work I can do for you:

  • Create or improve a page for your website (i.e. home, about, lead-gen landing, etc.)
  • Create or improve an email sequence (i.e. onboarding, sales, nurturing, etc.)
  • Write the descriptions for your community’s events (i.e. webinars, workshops, etc.)
  • Audit and offer recommendations (i.e. web, community platform, email, ads, etc.)
  • Improve your Slack / Discord / Circle setup for clarity and ease of use
  • Write compelling copy that keeps students engaged during a cohort-based course
  • Ensure your messaging is effective and consistent across your different platforms
  • Assist you on an upcoming launch or marketing campaign

If the type of work you want is not listed above, contact me to discuss your specific needs. Please note I don’t do social media posts, SEO articles or advertising services. I don’t create communities from the ground up either.

If you are looking for occasional guidance or want to make sure I’m the right fit for your community, I offer 90-minute consultations for $150. For any other gig, the minimum engagement level is $1K. Every project has different requirements, so the pricing largely depends on its complexity, scope and amount of work. That said, ideally it should cost you nothing—an investment in good copywriting usually pays for itself many times over.

An important point: I only work with founders who understand building a community is a slow process, with huge transformative potential in both individuals and culture. A community is not just a service that you add to your offering, or a chat platform that you plug onto your website in the hopes that your audience will magically start talking to each other. Similarly, I don’t work with people with no direction, trust, or budget.

All services are offered on a remote basis, available both in English and Spanish.

Ready to start?

If you are interested in a one-time gig, contact me at with a description of your current situation and needs. The more specific you are, the better I can serve you.

If you need help with a larger campaign or are interested in a long-term partnership, book a discovery videocall so that we can discuss your situation in greater detail.