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JamónTurismo is a tour around the facilities of Julián Martín, a family business devoted to the production of the world-renowned Jamón Ibérico since 1933.

As a way to diversify its ham business, Julián Martín had been doing tours around their facilities, providing an experience of great interest around the gastronomic-subculture of Jamón.

The visit also featured a course on how to carve jamón ibérico leg and a tasting menu with some of their best acorn-fed Iberian hams.

The tour had been running for several years, and they were looking to revamp their old website’s design and convey an image of quality more in line with their current branding.

I suggested a one-page website as the way to go, since all in all there was not a lot of content to feature and that would allow to structure the pitch more in a landing fashion.

As for the actual text, I felt that the old descriptions were becoming a little stale, so I took the opportunity to give it a spin. I aimed for a marketing copy that was accurate yet vibrant, trying to leave the visitors craving for that experience.

Shortly after I finished the layout, I would leave the agency so I handed the site almost ready to launch.

Unfortunately, I found out later on that they decided to go in a radically-different direction, rebuilding the entire site with a different builder (the above was made with Elementor) and redistributing the content in several pages (for SEO purposes).